Our Mission

Be the market leader in counter drone technology.

Why the name “Department 13”

During the Cold War the U.S. practiced the art of deception to protect vital secrets and projects. On its most sensitive projects, the U.S. often obfuscated a project’s purpose and its source of funding. One deceptive practice was to create shell organizations that were staffed with fake employees, such as ‘Typing Pool 12’ and ‘Paint Shop 22’. D13’s founder, Robi Sen, worked on one such sensitive project during the Cold War. As an homage to the dedication, commitment, and sacrifice of the people who participated on these projects, Sen named the company after one such shadow department: ‘Department 13’.

Meet Our Team

D13 Executives

Jonathan Hunter

CEO and Managing Director

Steve Shattil

Chief Science Officer

Matt Harvill

Chief Revenue Officer

D13 Board

Jonathan Hunter 

Managing Director


Ryan Whitelegg

Ryan Whitelegg